New products

New products

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy?

Everybody can buy in

What can you buy?

You can buy headsets, glasses, communications equipment, and products especially designed for hearing protection and to allow communication in noisy surroundings. In any case, all products bought in will always be selected products to satisfy your needs.

How to buy?

What's our office hours?

  • Normal Hours: 7:00am to 15:00pm and 16:00pm to 19:00pm
  • From 1st June to 30th September: 7:00am to 15:00pm

Are there minimum orders?

In we do not have minimum orders.

How will I receive the invoice?

We will send you the invoice via email and, if you wish, by ordinary mail as well.

How products are shipped?

Your product will travel perfectly packed in a specific box along with instructions or pertinent assembly indications. For transportation we rely on correos post service or courier, which grants best efficiency and total coverage in Spain as well as other countries.

Can I send the Peltor products to another country?

Yes. Please consult prices and delivery due-dates with Customer Service at +34 986 128 926+34 986 128 926.

If I make the order today, will I receive the product on the following day? (Spain)

Yes, if its to Spain, as long as the product is in stock and not custom-made or with special characteristics. In general terms, if the order is paid using a credit card (Visa/Mastercard) before 10:00h the order will arrive the following day (24h) when courier is selected. If payment is made after this hour, the order will arrive a day later, that is to say, 48h. In case of other means of payment (previous wire transfer), the downtime will be taken into account on the date of payment reception. In case of receiving the payment before 10:00h you will receive the order the following day. In other cases you will receive the order 48h after. Customer service may inform you for each case at the exact moment. For deliveries made on Saturdays, shipping prices will have an additional cost for special delivery, and on Sundays we do not make deliveries for logistics reasons of our shipping company. You can also have your order be delivered on the date that you wish or through another shipping company with which you usually work.

When i will recieve the order? (International)

Depending on the destination, it can be from 2 to 8 business days. Consult specific delivery dates at +34 986 128 926+34 986 128 926

Will I always receive the product I ordered?

Yes, of course. Our aim is that in 100% of the cases, clients receive what they ordered.

How can I find products in

You can find products in two different ways:

  • You can move around in the category menu on the left-hand side of the page. Place the mouse on the required product, select it and you will have access to detailed product information such as a photograph, description, other visitor´s points-of-view and, if you are a registered client, the possibility of sending your own suggestions.
  • You can use the browser on the top right-hand column of the page. Simply write the word you wish to search. You will obtain the result giving you direct access to the product.

What must I do in order to buy a product in

When you are interested in buying a Peltor product you simply have to press the Buy now button in the product menu then Add to cart. If you wish to consult your cart, make changes or make a payment of chosen products, simply press the Shopping cart button on the top right-hand side of the page. You may see the list of all the chosen products and from there start to buy pressing the Checkout button. You will be asked for your client ID and password and if you are not registered you must press the Sign-in button. Here you should procede to fill out the required information regarding the address for delivery. 

Once the address is entered, you are to choose the shipment and payment forms. In case you wish to pay using a credit card (Visa-Mastercard) you must enter the card number and expiration date. Here is where all the information regarding the order is shown:

  • Delivery address
  • Billing address
  • Form of payment
  • Proucts in the order
  • Amount to be paid

You should confirm that all the information is correct and then press the Confirm order button. Once the order is confirmed it is sent to our sales department.

How can I pay for my order?

  • Credit Card: Your purchase may pay from credit cards accepted (VISA or MASTERCARD). Just enter the type of card, the card number and expiration date. The transaction is absolutely safe through the payment gateway. uses SSL to ensure security in the transaction. Once payment is received, we will ship your order.
  • Bank transfer:
    IBAN: ES77 0049 0939 6124 1015 5001

    Banking Office Address: Avenida Florida 16 -36210 Vigo - Pontevedra - SPAIN. Tel: +34 986 29 81 01+34 986 29 81 01

    Send receipt to:
    Your order will be preccessed on receipt of the transfer.
  • Cash on Delivery: Payment is given at the time delivery is accomplished. This method adds a variable charge ammount and could not be available on specific countries.

How are orders shipped?

All orders made over are delivered through courier or correos post service. Both will hand the order over to you at the indicated address.

What actions does NAC-INTERCOM take to ensure privacy regarding my Credit Card number?

NAC-INTERCOM is a 3M PELTOR distributor and has made an internet-safe commercial agreement which, on the one hand, confirms the validiy of the credit card in use and, on the other, guarantees that NAC-INTERCOM exists and certifies the transaction. The information exchange between clients and our store is encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This makes it impossible for information to be handled or intercepted while being sent over the web.

What are the terms of delivery?

The due-date for orders is the following day once the order is placed as long as it is confirmed before 10:00h. Orders placed after this hour are handed to you within 48 hours (national shipping). You may contact us in case of any questions regarding delivery either via email to or by phone: (+34)986 128 926(+34)986 128 926 where we shall assist you from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 hours.

Are taxes (IVA) included in the our product prices?

No, taxes (IVA) are included in our product prices, there are displayed as info in the product sheet. During the buying process you will see the value which corresponds to taxation.

How can I make a claim?

You may place claims calling our Customer Service department which will inform you of the normal procedures for take-back orders and reimbursment.

If I receive damaged goods and do not want it, what can I do?

Accept the merchandise from the delivery service and contact our Customer Service department. You will be fully informed on normal procedures for take-back orders and reimbursment.

Shipping Handling and Returns Policy


All our shipping will be send by courier, or by Post, according to your need.
The import has calculated depending on weigth and measures, destination and service chosen.


Optional shipping insurance ensures all the goods sent to 3000 € and varies according to the shipping method and destination. So the Post Office's fare for spanish shipping is 1.81 € every 50 € of the product value and international is 1% of the total declared value (2,04€ min).
International Post Office also only allows the insurance on their shipments to the following countries.


Our online store calculates the exact cost of shipping and the differents services before checkout and pay the order. In case the shipping service or cost doesn't seem accurate, please contact us to explore other possibilities.


NAC-INTERCOM sends all their products perfectly packing with specifics boxes or into airbag envelope to prevent the deterioration. Shipping is done by courier or correos post service, who guarantee fast delivery and total cover in Spain and other countries.
A tracking number is assigned which allows the merchandise located throughout the shipping, ensuring maximum speed and security.


Yes, of course, but you need to consult us about delivery time and price to our customer service on the following phone +34 986 128 926+34 986 128 926 or by e-mail


Yes, courier or post service deliver our products to anywhere around the world with lowest prices and fastly. Please, consult us price and delivery time to our customer service by phone +34 986 128 926+34 986 128 926 or by e-mail:


You can make your demand at our customer service, by phone +34 986 128 926+34 986 128 926 or sending an e-mail to, where we inform you about the established procedures to refund your purchase.


As long as we have stock and it is not custom-made or special feature product, the order placed before the 12 a.m. will ship the same day and from that time will be sent the next day; delivery time depends on selected service and the delivery zone. Below is a table of approximate delivery times. This table is indicative and depends ultimately on the logistics company. Remember if you select courier as your shipping company, we will send you a tracking number to locate the transport of your order at any times.

ServiceSpanish ShippingWorld Shipping
Post (Correos) The delivery time depends on the conditions of Correos for the selected zone. Check to review the terms.
Courier Delivery next working day before 19:00 International Express: 2/4 Days
International Economy: 4/8 Days

If you pay by bank transfer, the delivery time is count from the date of receipt of payment. Our customer service center can specify you for each case the accurate time. For Saturday, delivery transport rates will be considered an additional cost for a special service and on Sundays we don't deliver orders for logistical issues of our transportation agencies. You can also request that your order will be delivered on the date you want, or through another shipping agent with whom you usually work.


By courier service our national orders are delivered at 19:00. If you want another delivery time please contact our customer service center.
On international orders delivery is throughout the day and depends on the planned route to the dealer. Anyway, the agency will be responsible for contacting you to arrange delivery if not located it at the time of delivery. If you need a specific time please contact the agency for which the dealer try to accommodate this schedule.

Payment Methods

  • Wire-transfer:
    C.C.C .: 0049 0939 61 2410155001
      IBAN: ES77 0049 0939 6124 1015 5001

    Bank name: BANCO SANTANDER
      Entity Office: Avenida Florida 16 -36210 Vigo - Pontevedra - SPAIN. Tel: +34 986 29 81 01

       Send the receipt by e-mail to:
        Your order will be processed upon receipt of proof of transfer.
  • Cash on Delivery: Payment is made on receipting the goods.This method has an extra charge and may not be available for all countries or areas.
  • PayPal: it is one of the most used ways to make online payments. Accept bank account, cards and PayPal balance easily and safely.
  • Credit Card: Your purchase can pay the fee to credit cards accepted (VISA or MASTERCARD). Simply enter the type of card, the card number and expiration date. The transaction is absolutely safe through the payment gateway using SSL to ensure security in the transaction. Once payment is received, we will ship your order.

Measures taken by NAC-INTERCOM to ensure the privacy of my credit card number.

NAC-INTERCOM is an authorized dealer of 3M ™ PELTOR ™ products and has hired an insurance service Internet commerce, on the one hand, checks the validity of the card and its operation and secondly, it guarantees you that NAC-INTERCOM there distributor and certifies the transaction. Data exchange between client and store is encrypted under the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).This makes it impossible for information to be stolen or intercepted while being sent through the network.