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Intelligent active hearing protector allow more sound penetration than most other hearing protectors. Specially developed for hunters with red/black interchangable shells


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We allow more sound penetration than most other hearing protectors - and we're proud of it. The new Peltor SportTac - specially developed for hunters and sports shooters.

With improved automatic level function for ambient listening, it sounds as though nothing has happened
Peltor SportTac is an intelligent active hearing protector. The smooth adjustment of the hearing protector's automatic level function for ambient listening gives the user particularly pleasant sound reproduction and less interference. The unique digital audio circuit eliminates the abrupt sound cutoff that characterises many level function hearing protectors on the market. It is this abrupt cut-off that is experienced as being unpleasant and disruptive.
The new electronics in the Peltor SportTac respond at lightning speed and protect the user's hearing from loud impulse noises. However, the system reacts so gently that in most cases, you'll never hear the cut-off when the protector is activated.
Just like Peltor's other level function hearing protectors, SportTac also amplifies your hearing so you actually hear better than you would without the protector. And of course you can connect your hunting radio straight into the protector. All so you can remain fully in communication all the time.

A comfortable protector on long shifts
The new Peltor SportTac is not only smartly designed when it comes to sharpening your hearing and removing harmful noise, it is also very comfortable to wear on a long shift.
When designing the new protector, special consideration was paid to ensuring that it feels comfortable even after the wearer has had it on the entire day. The secret behind the high comfort of the Peltor SportTac lies, not least, in the shape and design of the cushions with their generous inner volume together with the angled speakers tailored to follow the ear's contours.
The new digital technology also ensures audio reproduction and directional feel that is as close to natural as possible. Feel and comfort mean that the wear easily forgets that he or she is wearing the protector - which is precisely how things should be with a good hearing protector.

Smart both inside and out
A good hearing protector should remove harmful noise, should be comfortable to wear and should be able to be used for all types of hunting and shooting. The new Peltor SportTac truly lives up to all these criteria. The Peltor SportTac is supplied with differently coloured headset cups. This fills a practical function when hunting in teams, for instance. The colour differentiation improves safety and makes the wearer easily visible to other hunters. And if you want to switch colours to suit your mood or role in the hunting team, it's perfectly simple to change cups. The protector is foldable to take up the least possible space in your backpack or jacket pocket.
The comfortable headband adjusts conveniently for maximum comfort. Volume is adjusted by pressing a button, and both a radio and dog tracker can be connected directly to the hearing protector. The Peltor SportTac is also equipped with an automatic shut-off function.

  • Developed specifically for hunters and marksmen.
  • Smooth active-volume function, which eliminates abrupt sound cut-off.
  • Interchangable shells makes it easy to change colour.
  • Connects to hunting radio.
  • Equipped with automatic shut-off function.
  • Collapsible.
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Data sheet

Attenuation (SNR)
Peltor J22
Level dependent function
Low (lower than 28dB)

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