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Offer BlueNAC-3000 Moto Intercom System

Wireless moto intercom that allows communication with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phone, GPS navigator, etc., and the intercommunication with other device BlueNAC-3000, by Pilot-Copilot communication with a range of up to 30 m.

Price: 299.95€229.50€
Offer Fuel X2 Red Mirror

The 3M FuelX2 Safety Spectacles are built on the same platform as the current Fuel range but more stylish and lightweight. The rim-less design together with a gently swept back frame makes them more appealing- particulary amongst younger wearer.

Price: 26.41€22.01€
Offer Offer: EXCITE

EXCITE is harness specially designed for advanced, cross country and competition pilots. The main suspension points are quite low and the design emphasizes the need for active (weight shifting) flying.

Price: 511.12€350.00€
Offer Portable BlueNAC-3000 RadioLink

Bluetooth portable module that allows wireless use of any radio (transceiver) in combination with BlueNAC-3000 headsets. It is also possible to connect a GPS trough a 3.5 mm. jack connected to the auxiliary audio input.

Price: 181.50€150.00€
Offer Protect II Offer

Last stock of a very special stuff: The U-Turn Protect II. The most important feature of a rescue glider is the required opening time. To actualize extremely short time periods, the Rapid Inflation System is applied.

Price: 399.00€350.00€
Offer Refine 300 Bronze

The new 3M Refine 300 Safety Spectacles are particularly designed to suit female wearer. The low profile streamline design features side protection for improved safety. The new design offers excellent coverage and field of vision.

Price: 21.78€13.61€