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Lightspeed wind screen Mic muff

Wind screen Mic Muff Foam Cover for Lightspeed Zulu, 3G, QFRc and XLc Series Microphones.

Price:   5.52€
Windsttoper Foam YS12

Windstopper foam for cover boom microphone. Recommended up to 80 Km/h.

Price:   3.86€
Mic Cover YS12 w/O-Ring

Windstopper foam for cover microphone. Large Muff w/ O-Ring. Large mic cover for use on 4DX, 4LX, 4DLX, 5DX, Classic ANR and Denali.

Price:   4.54€
mic cover

Muff wind-protector to put over mic foam. Specially designed to improve the communications in noisy trikes at high speed (50 Km/h and more).

Price:   7.56€

SPARE PARTS Flexible Boom Microphone Set used on BlueNAC-3000 headsets. It includes a Screw set to fix onto a headset BN3000, a Wind Stopper Foam, and a Noise Cancelling Microphone. ..

Price:   37.81€

SPARE PARTS Flexible boom Microphone. It includes all parts to fix on a headset, wind protector foam and noise cancelling microphone. This Microphone set is used on our headsets, except in BlueNAC-3000 headset. ..

Price:   36.30€