HORUS Accesories

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Horus Helmet Visor

Wide Visor for HORUS helmet that protects from the wind, avoiding wind & interferences in the microphone.

Price:   23.60€
HORUS Internal Padding

Polygiene hypoallergenic internal padding for HORUS helmets. A technology that neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Easy to replace and wash.

Price:   11.80€
HORUS/ANUBIS Visor Fixing System

Fixing system for HORUS/ANUBIS Visor. Consists only of two pair of pieces, easy to install without tools (simply by using a coin).

Price:   8.49€
Buckle-male of HORUS helmet

Buckle-male parts to the chin strap of HORUS helmet. ..

Price:   5.90€