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Offer: FIDES

The FIDES is a DHV1 glider that excels at easy inflations and launches, it has very good stability even in turbulent conditions and is very forgiving of pilot errors.

Price:   363.00€
Offer Offer: Infinity II size L

The INFINITY II is an uncomplicated glider with a wide range achievement potential. It is the optimal glider for an ambitious beginners wanting an agile canopy, an eager climber and an agile turner, without forfeiting anything in passive security.

Price: 2,299.00€1,331.00€
Offer Offer: ATIS 2 Bluemoon M size

The first generation of ATIS was some time ago the true benchmark for DHV 1-2 gliders. It was voted as the glider of a year by VOL LIBRE. The reviewers were enthusiastic about the glider and they expressed the pity to give the glider back. And ATIS 2 is just new and we hope it could become not only new wing but also ve..

Price: 1,936.00€968.00€
Offer Offer: ARES M size

ARES belongs to the gliders that has taken very long time to develop and make the final trimming. The idea was to design a glider that will be much better in perfomance and speed than BRONTES, but still, all the pilots upgrading from BRONTES will benefit from the safety margin the glider offers. ARES is perfectly suite..

Price: 2,541.00€605.00€
Offer Tandem U2

The new Tandem glider from U-Turn GmbH, has agile flying characteristics as well as a very high degree of security thanks to the revolutionary AFS-System (Automatic Flight Stabilization).

Price: 2,964.50€1,452.00€