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Cross Country Flying

The very latest in cross country flying techniques from Burkhard Martens, author of the international best-seller Thermal Flying.

Price:   37.00€
Paramotor, Guía completa (Jeff Goin)

Colorfull book with 400 pages on the sport's most popular training manual and reference guide, guiding a pilot from first look at the equipment, first flight and well beyond. Experienced pilots will appreciate the entire section devoted to mastering PPG.

Price:   39.00€
Security in Flight II (DVD)

Jocky Sanderson, one of the world's top pilots and leading SIV instructors, is back with Security in Flight II - the defining safety film on paraglider flight control.

Price:   35.00€
Parapente, Iniciación (Mario Arqué)

256 pages, 500 photos and ilustration, color, format: 15×21 cm. Fully updated edition in 2010, basic manual for teaching in Spain, Portugal and southamerica.

Price:   20.00€
Parapente, Ala Delta, Entrenamiento

Big format: 24 x 31 cm, hard cover. Practical and modern, comprising all aspects useful to progress from initiation to competition thermal flying, and racing away, security incidents, physical and mental preparation.

Price:   30.00€
Visitar el Cielo (Flight Meteorology)

Presents all those phenomena, the wind, the clouds, thermals and turbulence, that you will find every day in practice your 'passion of heaven.' For the first time the issues are systematically addressed from the point of view of the pilot.

Price:   24.00€