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4Fight Grid CUT

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Very attractive ICARO2000 integral gliding Helmet. The 4Fight Grid is the first helmet with E.N. 966 cert. with an airflow inside the helmet. Under each grid there are 3 holes that pierce the polystyrene, so that air can flow. CUT tail design

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The 4Fight Grid LT is the first helmet with E.N. 966 certification with an airflow inside the helmet. Under each grid there are 3 holes that pierce the polystyrene, so that air can enter from outside. If you don?t wish this airflow, you can just close from inside the helmet the holes.

From different tests made on helmets, it results that the profiled helmet offers a major safety than the round shell helmets, thanks to the better protection in the neck. This counts for all the sports where there is no falling with consequent rolling.

The contour on the back of the helmet acts as a headrest in impacts where the head suffers a backwards torsion (typical in hang glider crashes), or collisions against trees (landing in plants with Paraglider).This is why the helmets do not all have the same characteristics, different sports require different needs of safety.

Helmets with a visor, we noticed that pilots appreciate more and more helmets with visors the sales of our helmet model SkyRunner Plus with visor is the proof of this statement.The advantages of a visor are:

  • Protection from the cold, especially if you are at high altitudes
  • An extra protection for the face
  • No need to put on your sun glasses.

Ignazio Bernardi conceived with the technical support of the best Italian helmet developer a very attractive design for a helmet with visor and obtained the 4Fight which will be sold with a visor adequate to the colour of the helmet and included in the price.

For fabrication reasons it is not possible to buy a 4Fight helmet without visor.

The 4Fight has many particularities which have been studied with care and are only to be found in this helmet. It has the European certification E.N. 966 - HPG/UL and is suitable for both Hang- and Paraglider pilots.

The internal padding is completely interchangeable with the following advantages:

  • it can be washed
  • it can be easily replaced

when you need a different size, You can additionally order a second internal padding and change it yourself.

The visor has a new conception:

  • Very strong
  • Good face protection
  • UV protection

Extra Visor Only on request and in addition to the standard visor:

  • Tinted
  • Transparent

At the back of the helmet you have a small compartment in which you can place your acoustic vario (e.g. the Sonic of the Brauniger)


  • Airflow inside the helmet
  • Reduced width of the helmet
  • Interchangeable internal padding
  • Shell made of fiberglass compound
  • All models with uv resistent and antifog visor
  • Weight grams 650 without visor
  • For Paraglider & Hang glider pilots
  • All models with Certification E.N. 966
  • Made in Italy