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Paramotor, Guía completa (Jeff Goin)

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Colorfull book with 400 pages on the most popular training manual and reference guide, guiding a pilot from first flight and well beyond

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Auhtor: Jeff Goin
Traduction: Pedro Chapa
Language: Spanish 

Big format (21x30cm) colorfull book with 400 pages on the sport's most popular training manual and reference guide. New techniques, improved color, more illustrations and enhanced versions of existing ones make the subject come to life in an easy-reading style. The book guides a pilot from first look at the equipment through first flight and well beyond. Experienced pilots will appreciate the entire section devoted to mastering Powered Paragliding. Jeff has drawn from his experience, including as multiple time U.S. Champion and, more importantly, by learning from our sports most succesful instructors. Many new photographic and illustrative techniques, including animation, have been employed to make difficult concepts emerge through the fog. New knowledge is also concisely incorporated in this packed manual. Complete coverage of reflex wings are incorporated along with new illustrations. New techniques are explored as well as an assesment of the gear and it's tradeoffs. If you're looking at getting into powered paragliding, this will describe what you're in for. 

For experienced pilots this will add new tools to make your flying safer and more fun. It is not meant for self training, an endeavor that has proven expensive at best. But it is a great tool for those who want to be responsible, really learn the sport, learn it's nuances, understand the rules and gain life-saving tips.