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The central radio trans/receiver, needed to communicate all  portable units in a DECT-Com II system. Manage the communications between up to 9 users


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Full-Duplex intercom system based on DECT wireless technology that allows bi-directional communication between 9 devices simultaneous, with a range of 150 meters, expandable. Operating on the 1.8 GHz DECT-frequencies, which are license free in most countries.
The products in the Peltor DECT-Com II family offer simple and efficient wireless duplex communication with up to 9 active users talking in full conference and additionally up to 40 listeners with possibility to quick "break in" to the conference. In a system with more than 9 users any listening participant can change from listening to speaking. The earliest active speaker will then be "degraded" to a listener in the conference and any other listener can follow, replacing active speakers in the order "first in - first out".

A Peltor DECT-Com II base/portable unit (DC2812) is a central radio transmitter/receiver, which is needed to communicate all information from and to all portable units in a DECT-Com II system. This base unit makes the function to manage the communications between up to 9 simultaneously speaking users in conference.
The portable units are logged on to a base unit, fixed mounted,but it can also can perform the function of aportable unit. This device is designed to connect any headset Peltor Standard connector J11.

The main features are:

  • Base unit for up to 9 simultaneous speakers in a full duplex conference.
  • The DECT-Com II conference can also have an additional number of listeners, all with possibility to enter as speakers in the conference, at any time.
  • Two more separate conference groups on this same base. (Requires software programming.)
  • Conditional on start up sequence this unit can be used as either base or portable.
  • Headsets with different types of microphones can be used. A headset can be connected also when this unit is used as a base.
  • Full duplex communication, but with "VOX", for preventing from transmitting background noise to the conference.
  • An "all call" function makes it possible to communicate common messages (simplex) to all users in all groups, at the same time.
  • As a fixed installed base, the unit is normally power supplied in a special holder with AC adapter, but the unit can also be used portable with rechargeable battery pack.

Infinite number of possible combinations, limited only by your imagination.

This product includes the battery, but does not include the power supply or the holder needed to charge.



Frequency range:   1880 – 1900 MHz 
Operation mode:   Duplex
Output power:   Max. 250 mW, average 10 mW (portable) / 120 mW (base)
Current consumption: Base/Portable unit
DC2812, DC2815
as base typ. 320 mA (4 portables system)as portable; typ. 160 mA in talk mode
Portable unit DC2811 40 mA (listen only) / 60 mA (talk mode)
Working range: Outdoors typ. 250 m (line of sight)
Indoors typ. 50 m
Battery life cycle: With rechargeable battery Peltor DC2033 approx. 6 h (base unit)
approx. 40 h (portable unit)
With 6xAA additional 2100 mAh NiMH batteries in DC2032 approx. 18 h (base unit)
Usage temperature:   -26°C to +55°C
Storage temperature:   -55°C to +70°C without batteries(Store batteries according to battery manufacturer´sinstructions)
Weight excl. batteries: Incl. battery pack DC2033 310 g (DC2812, DC2912)
Microphone types: Carbon 300 mV typ. Medium power feed enabled; 20mA
Electret 20 mV typ. Low power feed enabled; 1mA
Dynamic 4 mV typ.
Low impedance 0,4 mV typ.
Headset connector:   Peltor J11, type M9177/4-1 (NEXUS TJT-102)
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