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Wireless Intercom system for up to 4 users (8 users in the 8users DECT base version). The system consists of one base unit where 4 handsets could be connected


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Peltor Dect-Com: 4 Users Base

Wireless, full duplex Intercom for effortless and reliable communication

Peltor Dect-Com is a wireless Intercom system for up to 4 users (8 users in the 8 users DECT base version). The system consists of one base unit where four handsets could be connected.
Based on the standard DECT technology Peltor Dect-Com provides an outstanding communication solution for noisy environments. Effortless and with a sound quality beyond comparison.

Clear and reliable
Peltor Dect-Com provides full duplex communication.This means that the communication becomes as natural as when people standing in front of each other. No information is missed because of interrupted transmission and the sound is distinct and clear at all times.

The handset is wirelessly connected to the base unit by just presssing one button at the base unit and then one on the handset.You are then in conference with the other people connected to the same base. The system can be used in a voice-activated mode (VOX) to make sure that unwanted ambient sounds not are heard through the system.

Standard connection
The handset has a standard J11 connection that means that all Peltor standard headsets can be used with the system without the need for any adjustments. Also headsets with built in automatic level function for ambient listening
functions or FM-Radio can be used.This means that everyone can find a perfectly adopted communication solution for their specific demand and working environment.

Technical specifications

  • Digital sound quality on the the 1,8 GHz band.
  • Full duplex conference up to 4 users (8 users in the 8-users DECT base).
  • Range: 300 meters from the base unit.
  • Expansible by means of dect-repeater.
  • Handles up to 4 handsets.
  • Base unit can be connected from 9 to 28 voltage.
  • Equipped with back-up battery (4 hours).
  • TX/RX for external connections.


External Powersource: 

9 - 28 V DC

Max. num. of users: 


Battery lifetime(h): 


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