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25th Jun, 2018

https://www.nac-inter.com/en/flying-helmets/horus-helmet This summer, free sunglasses with each HORUS helmet. Take advantage of this limited offer!

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30th May, 2018

Pronto novedades sobre nuestro nuevo sistema Bluetooth, comodidad y tecnología para disfrutar de una manera profesional. Parapente Moncho

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14th May, 2018

Pilotos Nac disfrutando de su aventura por Tailandia.

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Horus Communication Helmet

The final flight helmet for gliding, ultralight and PPG. Optimized design to the smallest detail and to aerodynamics, with air intakes on the top and back, which facilitate the transfer. EN966 certified. To connect with our electronics: NAC-2000, NAC-2000C, NAC-Sidetone, NAC-ULM, BlueNAC-3000,etc

Flightcom Classic 4DLX

Reasonably priced headset that offers dual volume controls for adjustment of each ear dome, plus many comfort features, including liquid/foam ear seals, and an air pillow headpad, plus a precision flex boom with noise-canceling mic.

Price: 234.44€164.95€
COMM KIT to Integral helmet

Comunication KIT for integral helmets of free flight. New design that works with most of the FM radios (2 meters, PMR and LPD). Fast and easy assembling by velcro system.

Price:   61.47€

Batteries with compact design for its 5000 mAh, removable USB-micro, USB cable and two USB ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously; with LED indicator.

Price: 25.90€19.95€
Portable NAC-ULM AV HORUS Solution

Portable Intercom solution composed by: Portable Intercom Flightcom IIsx, PTT Gold for Flightcom IIsx, 2 Headsets NAC-2000 AV and 2 HORUS helmets with EN966 Certification.

Price:   860.92€
AXIWI AT-320-LD (Long Distance max. 5 pers.)

Long Distance bi-directional duplex communication system (up to 250m) features simultaneous communication between max. 5 people completely hands-free

Price:   260.15€
Offer: Skyrunner + COMM KIT

ICARO2000 big hit helmet since 1998 with COM KIT ECO installed.

Price: 186.34€175.16€

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