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Skywatch Xplorer


Anemometer range that measures speed (all) and direction (Xplorer 3&4) of the wind, Ambient Temperature (Xplorer 2,3&4), Barometric Air Pressure (Xplorer 4), Altitude (Xplorer 4).
Price €33.06

B1 Parapocket for Harness


The all new parapocket for your B1 Vario/Nav. Made specifically for B1's connectors with correctly placed openings. Can be directly attached to the harness flight deck using its Velcro, or directly onto the harness strap with the covered metallic support.
Price €20.00

Cover Flymaster


Cover pocket for your B1 vario or your B1 Nav. It is made from a durable material, offering protection from wear and tear. The cover was made specifically to cater for B1's connectors and security line with correctly placed openings.
Price €20.00

GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount

Sport Cameras

Attach your GoPro camera to any vented bike, ski, kayak or similar sports helmet. One size fits all. Compatible with ALL HD HERO Original + HD HERO2 Professional Cameras.
Price €16.95

BlueNAC-3000 USB Car Charger


USB charger plug to the car bases. USB output suitable for charging electronic equipment such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc ... and our BlueNAC-3000 devices with a cable miniUSB/USB.
Price €7.58

Surf HERO Expansion

Sport Cameras

Includes all of the mounting accessories from the Surf HERO camera, minus the waterhousing and camera. Perfect for mounting your Helmet HERO or other quick-release HERO camera on to a surfboard.
Price €21.19

Flymaster LIVE SD


Flymaster Avionics presents the innovative Flymaster LIVE SD, which includes the new FLYMASTER LIVE-TRACKING NAVIGATION SYSTEM, enabling real-time flight monitoring - live-tracking - over GoogleEarth, contributing significantly to improve flight safety.
Price €602.48

Flymaster NAV SD


Flymaster Avionics presents the NAV SD, a new instrument meant for XC and Competition pilots. Completely redesigned from inside out, with new architecture, including the new main board and the display with its new protection, just to name a few.
Price €470.25