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About Us


Our goal is to make communication possible in noisy environments.

On the one hand, we look for the best protection for our ears, and on the other we design and offer equipments that not only allow communication but also provide a high attenuation against environmental noises and electromagnetic interferences from explosion engines. 

Our priority is to guarantee a safe hearing protection and a realiable communication, free of disturbing noises. We first developed a helmet for paramotor flights, which represented a major challenge due to the high noise and how close the engine is to the radio equipment.

We then went to design our first ULM portable intercom, leading to the development of a whole range of products that meet most of the needs in the leisure aviation field. 

Furthermore, we have always have put a great effort into developing original, new products created from our customers' ideas and suggestions.

We also offer solutions for race cars and motorcycles, where we are currently examining new possibilities.

In the industrial sector we offer customised solutions and equipments, bearing in mind that each case has its particularities. Likewise, our laboratories are equipped with the appropiate instruments to carry out experiments and develop new products.