Payment Methods

Credit Card:


Your purchase may pay from credit cards accepted (VISA or MASTERCARD). Just enter the type of card, the card number and expiration date. The transaction is absolutely safe through the payment gateway. uses SSL to ensure security in the transaction. Once payment is received, we will ship your order.
Only purchases where the customer has identified himself/herself correctly will be accepted.
After you have included your credit card details, you will be redirected to a safe website from your bank to confirm your identity. We recommend not using the go forward, go back or reload buttons and follow the instructions shown on the website carefully.
In case there is an error during the payment process, please follow the instructions to return to the webshop. That way, the error can be saved in our records and it will allow us to provide you with better support.

Wire Transfer:

Beneficiary: NAC-INTERCOM S. C., S.L.
IBAN: ES77 0049 0939 6124 1015 5001
Banking Office Address: Avenida Florida 16 -36210 Vigo - Pontevedra - SPAIN. Tel: +34 986 29 81 01

Send receipt to:
By e-mail:
Fax: (+34) 986 115 320
Your order will be preccessed on receipt of the transfer.


The safest, quickest and easiest way to pay online. PayPal secures your payment and protect your financial information with strong encryption tools.
You will be redirected to the PayPal website to process your card/bank account payment, you need a Paypal account to proceed to the payment