• Oferta: ATIS 2 Bluemoon talla M
Oferta: ATIS 2 Bluemoon talla M
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Offer: ATIS 2 Bluemoon M size

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The first generation of ATIS was some time ago the true benchmark for DHV 1-2 gliders. It was voted as the glider of a year by VOL LIBRE. The reviewers were enthusiastic about the glider and they expressed the pity to give the glider back.

And ATIS 2 is just new and we hope it could become not only new wing but also very reputable wing as well even though it will be difficult to rival the old generation.

ATIS 2 is just new in any point of view: new certification EN-B based on CEN 926-1 and 926-2, new profile, new layout and new experience.

(EN B equals right now to the DHV 1-2 classification of the glider, the certification is DIFFERENT, and CEN 926-2 is different from DHV certification!)

The main distinctive features are:

  • High stability
  • Speed and ability to penetrate in the headwind
  • Low weight
  • Comfortable SKY handling
  • Thermalling
  • Predictable and easily controlled reactions during SIV manoeuvres (Simulation d?Incident en Vol)
  • Minimum sink rate and high glide ration

The main changes compared to the first generation of the glider:

  • New profile with lighter ribs concept and higher speed range?
  • New layout scheme
  • New design of stabilizers
  • Higher speed range with lower sink and higher glide efficiency
  • New, easy to use and highly efficient speed system
  • New geometry
  • New technology of the leading edge design
  • Trailing edge with velcro opening for easy cleaning of the canopy

ATIS 2 is also suitable for MPG and PG flying.

The name ATIS comes from ancient Greek, and means something like ?always lucky?, or ?watched by a guardian angel?. Everyone who?s flown it so far agrees that its name really represents its character.

Comfortable and precise handling, the ATIS 2 remains solid even in turbulent conditions. It allows pilots to get the maximum out from its awesome performance while still concentrating on their flight.

The ATIS 2 is ideal for all pilots looking to improve and to lift themselves to another level. This is a wing that can deliver all the performance needed(glide, sink rate, etc) but also offers unbelievable handling and stability?

The ATIS 2 is an excellent paramotor wing. You can order it with trims and reinforced.

Each glider is delivered with:

- free BAG


Layout surface (m2) 25,00
Layout span (m) 11,29
Layout aspect ratio 5,10
Projected surface (m2) 22,38
Projected span (m) 9,47
Projected aspect ratio 4,00
Number of cells 53
Weight of the glider (kg) 5,2
Take-off load (kg) 75-95
Trim speed (km/h) 37
Minimum speed (km/h) 23
Maximum speed (km/h) 48
Max. gliding ratio 8,5
Min. sink rate (m/s) 1,15
Test EN B


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